Because we didn’t really realise how much they do until Amy & Wil from the Bulldog Pride collective hung out with a bunch of other supporter groups – including the Cheer Squad, East West Bulldogs, Former Players Association – at the Western Bulldogs Community Foundation Dinner on Tuesday.

We heard about the amazing work the Foundation is doing empowering young people, recent migrants and people from all walks of life in Victoria’s west through a range of programs promoting mental health, exercise, and social inclusion.

One of the Youth Leadership Project graduates told us about how students in Mildura advocated for gender-neutral bathrooms to make their trans classmates feel safe and not have to hold on for 6+ hours to go to the toilet. Isn’t that amazing? Talk about #RealStrength

We also saw Jason Johannisen and two of his Bulldog teammates modeling Socks of the West – the product of the WBCF’s Social Enterprise project.

Socks of the West was founded by several teenagers from Ballarat who participated in last year’s Youth Leadership Program. What started as a sock donation drive last year (they are the least donated item to charities, and biologically you need to cover your hands, head, and feet to keep warm at night – especially important if you’re sleeping rough in a cold place like Ballarat) has grown to a social enterprise where for every pair of sock purchased, a pair is donated to a homeless person.SuppGroupDinnerPic18

Check out more of the amazing work our Club’s Community Foundation does here:

We couldn’t be prouder to be Bulldog.

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