Men’s season home game drinks

So we got excited earlier this year when the club told us we could have our own private “Pride Space” at Etihad to watch home games for Bulldog Pride members.

Unfortunately, AFL/Etihad’s arrangements have changed and we didn’t get that this year – but that won’t stop us going to the footy with a bunch of great LGBTIQ+ footy fans and enjoying the game together!

After a survey of Bulldog Pride’sĀ supporters we’ve agreed to meet before the game at Garden Gate Bar before most home games.

The bar manager is very supportive of Bulldog Pride and will help us make sure it’s as safe as a footy bar can be for out and proud LGBTIQ+ footy fans to enjoy a drink before the game.

This way we can meet up, get excited and have a drink together before heading into the game. If you sit in General Admission, we can all go in together, and if you have reserved seats, the bar isn’t far away at all!

Keep an eye on the upcoming events page and our Facebook page for the next Bulldog Pride event!