FREE TICKETS TO MARS Stadium game in Ballarat for Bulldog Pride members

Bulldog Pride Roadtrip to Mars (stadium)

Free tickets to the Ballarat game for Bulldog Pride members!

ballaratWhen: 29th July. Game starts 3.20pm, rides from Melbourne TBC

The club have reserved 30 complimentary tickets to the Bulldogs vs Port Adelaide Power game at Mars Stadium in Ballarat on Sunday 29 July.

They’re available for Bulldog Pride financial members to reserve for themselves and a plus one.
First in, best dressed!

Once you’ve reserved your spot, we’ll send you your actual AFL ticket in the weeks leading up to the game.

Melbourne-based Bulldog Pride members will be road tripping up together – Bulldog Pride members are going to make it a full day trip and brunch in Daylesford on the way up!


Not a Bulldog Pride member? Easily fixed! Pay on our online shop and return this membership form to bulldogprideau[at]

The Kennel Cough Podcast!

We are LOVING the hot takes from the folk at The Kennel Cough – a SYN media podcast about the team we all love hosted by Niamh Felton & Caleb Scanlon.


In this week’s bonus episode, The Kennel Cough interview the co-founder of the Bulldog Pride group, Amy Jenkins.

Find out what the Bulldog Pride group are doing this weekend to celebrate the pride game:

Pride Game is coming June 9!

Amy & Wil were pretty chuffed to get to go to St Kilda Football Club‘s #PrideGame launch breakfast this morning. What could be more Southside than a 7am poolside champagne breakfast?

Great to see local MP and Minister for Equality Martin Foley MP, as well as VicHealth CEO (and Western Bulldogs Board Member!) Jerril Rechter, speak about the importance of inclusion and celebration in our code, and the importance of families accepting their LGBTIQ+ family members on the health and wellbeing of the queer community.

The Pride Game Ambassador this year is transgender rights advocate, Young Victorian of the Year, (and school captain) Georgie Stone.

Read the full story about the meaning, theme, and details of the day on the St Kilda FC website.

We would love, love, LOVE for the Pride game to become Pride ROUND in the coming years. Did you know that 15 AFL clubs now have LGBTIQ+ supporter groups?

Check them all out here – and if you stumbled on our page because your club doesn’t have one, you’ve got a couple of options:

  1. Become a Bulldogs fan instead – they’re a great community-focused club who have embraced us with open arms.
  2. Create your own Pride Group! Contact us and we’re happy to have a chat about how we started Bulldog Pride, and there is a myriad of other people in different states, from all walks of life who have started LGBTIQ+ supporter groups for their clubs.

Do you know what the Western Bulldogs Community Foundation does?

Because we didn’t really realise how much they do until Amy & Wil from the Bulldog Pride collective hung out with a bunch of other supporter groups – including the Cheer Squad, East West Bulldogs, Former Players Association – at the Western Bulldogs Community Foundation Dinner on Tuesday.

We heard about the amazing work the Foundation is doing empowering young people, recent migrants and people from all walks of life in Victoria’s west through a range of programs promoting mental health, exercise, and social inclusion.

One of the Youth Leadership Project graduates told us about how students in Mildura advocated for gender-neutral bathrooms to make their trans classmates feel safe and not have to hold on for 6+ hours to go to the toilet. Isn’t that amazing? Talk about #RealStrength

We also saw Jason Johannisen and two of his Bulldog teammates modeling Socks of the West – the product of the WBCF’s Social Enterprise project.

Socks of the West was founded by several teenagers from Ballarat who participated in last year’s Youth Leadership Program. What started as a sock donation drive last year (they are the least donated item to charities, and biologically you need to cover your hands, head, and feet to keep warm at night – especially important if you’re sleeping rough in a cold place like Ballarat) has grown to a social enterprise where for every pair of sock purchased, a pair is donated to a homeless person.SuppGroupDinnerPic18

Check out more of the amazing work our Club’s Community Foundation does here:

We couldn’t be prouder to be Bulldog.

Men’s season home game drinks

So we got excited earlier this year when the club told us we could have our own private “Pride Space” at Etihad to watch home games for Bulldog Pride members.

Unfortunately, AFL/Etihad’s arrangements have changed and we didn’t get that this year – but that won’t stop us going to the footy with a bunch of great LGBTIQ+ footy fans and enjoying the game together!

After a survey of Bulldog Pride’s supporters we’ve agreed to meet before the game at Garden Gate Bar before most home games.

The bar manager is very supportive of Bulldog Pride and will help us make sure it’s as safe as a footy bar can be for out and proud LGBTIQ+ footy fans to enjoy a drink before the game.

This way we can meet up, get excited and have a drink together before heading into the game. If you sit in General Admission, we can all go in together, and if you have reserved seats, the bar isn’t far away at all!

Keep an eye on the upcoming events page and our Facebook page for the next Bulldog Pride event!