Put some red and white into your lockdown blues: join the Bulldog Pride Facebook group.
If you’re in lockdown, or you live far from Melbourne and are disconnected from the hot spot of Bulldog love that is the west, you can chat about games on game night – or even see if someone would like to go on a COVID safe walk – in our Facebook group.

Pride Bar is selling our merch now because they are lovely legends.
So Bulldog Pride is run by volunteers, and while running inclusive social events and advocating for LGBTQIA+ inclusion with the AFL, WBFC and local council is big job that we love doing…. running an online shop wasn’t.

So the LEGENDS at Pride of our Footscray Community Bar are helping out by selling our merch on their website and handling all the postage and admin for us. Isn’t that lovely?
Check out Pride Bar’s online merch store
Swim night was a success!
Thanks so much to everyone who came to the Trans & Queer Swim Night. It was a really lovely night where people of all ages and genders came to enjoy our local pool in a safe and welcoming environment, with gender neutral toilets and many wearing their pronouns on their arms in zinc!

Lots of people struck up conversations with people they hadn’t met before, and it had a celebratory vibe. We hope you felt similarly.

The aquatic centre estimates that between 50 -70 people came, and more called to give their apologies but requested it be a repeat event. We’re going to chat to the council to try and make that happen.

What other kinds of events would you like to do through Bulldog Pride when restrictions ease?Please take the super quick survey if you haven’t already.

Stay safe, and please reach out if you need help during lockdown.

In red, white and blue,
Amy & the Bulldog Pride team

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